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Nasze zalety

A characteristic feature of the profession of the auditor is acceptance of responsibility to the public. The standards of the profession of accountants and auditors are largely determined by public interests.

We understand the importance of our mission performed by the society and appreciate the level of trust given to us by the clients and society. We are very interested to inform consumers of audit services, that these services are performed by us at the highest level of quality and provided in accordance with ethical requirements designed to ensure such high standards.
Our relationship with the team and customers; the general attitude to our work defined by the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, pursuant to which we adhere to basic principles:

1. Honesty and objectivity

In our work we combine the objectivity and honesty, rule out the possibility of conflict of interests. In the process of providing professional services we maintain objectivity in our judgments with respect to the received information, honesty in relation to all clients.

2. Professional competence and due care

Professionalism and high level of competence of our employees – the basis of our company’s prestige. We know how to work and fulfill firmly the task set before us. Our services are provided with due care, competence and diligence. Appropriate professional level of our specialists provided by:

  • high standards of professional education and sufficient practical experience in the specialty;
  • continuous improvement of knowledge and exchange of experiences in science, legislation, methods and practice of providing services in audit.

3. Privacy

We appreciate Your trust and treat with due care concerning preservation of information obtained by us during our collaboration with You. This commitment is also valid after the separation.

4. Professional conduct

We, as professional auditors take care of the good reputation of our profession. We understand our responsibility for customers, third parties, other accountants, employees, employers and the public as a whole.

5. Technical Standards

Our customers may be confident in the competence of the team as in our company a strict system of monitoring compliance with technical standards and providing of high quality services is developed. In work each auditor is guided by established standards, compliance with which can get results that meet client expectations.