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The Trust shown in you is the capital of our Clients, invested in the security and prosperity of their business!

International Audit Union provides audit services on the basis of Registry Certificate of Audit Companies under No 3442, issued by the decision of Audit Chamber of Ukraine on 30 September 2004 under No 139.

International Audit Union is included in the Registry of Audit Companies and Auditors which have the right to audit the financial institutions operating in the securities market (Certificate of Securities and Stock Market State Commission series AB number 000976 issued by the Securities and Stock Market State Commission. Date of issue: 24.11.2009, No 1484).

Our company has been successful operating in the market of audit and accounting services and is among the leading accounting companies in Ukraine. Extensive experience and professionalism of our team – a guarantee of the quality of our services. If you fully acquainted with us, you realize that our company does not have random people – each of our staff not only high-quality specialist, but the man who gives to his profession wholly. This is precisely why the task of any complexity we believe is in power for us, because the whole team will consistently work in order to achieve the goal.

We are proud of the fact that the most of our clients year after year continue to work with us.
International Audit Union today is:

  • Practice of continuous work with companies of different ownership forms in the fields of investment, energy, trade, construction, insurance, medicine, banking;
  • Impeccable reputation in the business and strict compliance with its commitments;
  • The team with experience in tax and financial system of Ukraine;
  • Implementation of complex techniques of financial and tax risks analysis and application of the financial business unit smart protection system, developed by specialists of the International Audit Union.

Trust demonstrated to us – our clients’ capital invested in security and prosperity of own business!